Community Guidelines

We’re committed to the highest standard of health and wellbeing for our community and our team, and ask that you read our guidelines to make sure you know exactly what’s expected when you come to a class with us.

*last update June 2021

Keeping our community safe is our first priority – taking a preventative approach feels best for us. Each situation will be unique and each time will provide an opportunity to apply new critical thinking. Luckily we’ve been able to refine our process so the change over to Virtual is swift as is the change back to the studio. We endeavour to keep you informed with updates as soon as any changes are introduced so you’ll always know what’s going on.

  • In the case of a shift to level 2, our studio processes and classes will stay the same.
  • In a shift to Level 3 or 4, the studio will close – a virtual timetable will replace our Studio timetable with a variety of class styles translated to the floor.  All members will be notified via email.
  • As we shift back to Level 2 and we are confident our studio is in a low risk location, we’ll open back up with our standard protocol, which we are continuously evaluating (see Studio policies below).
  • Class pack expiries will be extended to the length of the lockdown and members will be given the option to pause their membership or continue virtual with an upgrade.
  • Currently all members on limited or double memberships are able to book in to all virtual classes with their membership.
  • All members will be able to purchase online passes through mind body and book in as you normally do for an in person class.
What we’re doing
  • Machines are spaced to 2m.
  • Hand sanitiser is available by each hand washing station and upon entry.
  • Individual baskets at the end of the machines to avoid traffic around the cleaning products.
  • Reformers are cleaned after class with detergent and single use, washable cloths.
  • Springs cleaned with alcohol wipes
  • Vinyl straps have replaced cloth ones for easy cleaning in between classes.
  • Shared surfaces are cleaned after each class on top of our normal weekly cleaning regime.
  • Apparatus is professionally cleaned with antiviral hospital grade disinfectant bi-weekly.
  • We will not teach if even slightly unwell. Classes will be cancelled and you will be credited back if the teacher is unwell and we can’t cover the class.
What we're asking of you
  • Sign in using the QR code, multiple points outside and inside.
  • Wash or sanitise your hands upon entry and before you leave.
  • Members must wear clean grippy socks – we always have a bountiful supply of socks available to purchase.
  • Come to the studio with minimal gear, ideally just the essentials, you can store your bag in the cubes by the front door. Head to your machine with only your water bottle/towel.
  • We ask that you leave your machine how you would like to find it. Thoroughly cleaned with care. Use the spray bottles and single use/washable towels at the end of each machine to clean the entire reformer – except for the springs. Really give it a good scrub! And make sure it’s dried completely using new cloth to dry.
  • BYO towels + water bottles – We removed our glasses pre lockdown, we’ll continue to do the same + the tea service will be temporarily cancelled, but we have filtered water on tap!
  • Stay home if you or anyone in your family is not feeling 100%.
  • Get tested if you’re experiencing any symptoms.
  • If you have been travelling to a high risk area or in contact with anyone who is a confirmed or probable case or considered a close contact of a confirmed/probable case please follow government guidelines and self-isolate/get tested.
  • Practice good hygiene! If you cough or sneeze in class, do it into the crook of your arm. Dispose of tissues immediately and wash your hands afterwards.