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Our teachers come from different backgrounds. Their experiences have shaped how and what they teach, and we encourage and celebrate their diversity and self expression.

Collectively, we are movement optimists and share enthusiasm in nurturing a positive and playful community.

We teach with respect to the body in front of us. We don’t affiliate with a particular methodology, instead we continue learn, augment and refine what we teach and how we teach it.

Sasha Ortega
playful, inclusive, encouraging

Why do you teach? I teach so that others can feel empowered to experience their bodies.

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Laura Deave
thoughtful, fluid, absorbing

why do you teach? I want to inspire other people to move conscientiously and consciously. Movement is beautiful!

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Alex Buchanan
deliberate, caring, creative

why do you teach? I teach to connect with people, to bring more awareness to the way we move, to encourage the enjoyment of movement as exercise, and to assist in creating a happier, healthier and pain free life. Ultimately, to share that euphoric feeling that the release of endorphins brings!

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Jess White
energetic, encouraging, dynamic

why do you teach? To facilitate the joy of moving. To foster positive and empowering movement experiences for all – ultimately to spread the awesomeness of the Pilates method!

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Virginie Lin
kind, encouraging, fun

why do you teach? Getting to share something I love and makes me feel great, how cool is that? It’s something that works for my personal well being, and I get to share it. I love caring for people in a more subtle way, so if I get to make one person feel better, I will have reached my hopes!

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