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Hoi Studio for Modern Pilates

Hoi opened as a response to the traditional exercise class and studio model. A rebellion against exclusivity, posture + alignment, good and bad muscles, and dusty beliefs around the body and how we move.

Hoi was the decision to move away from outdated fitness standards and body-image stereotypes toward the understanding that movement is profoundly personal and should always be a collaboration.

About Us

At Hoi we teach Pilates with a passionately lighthearted approach, promoting movement optimism through consciousness and critical thinking. We work hard to ensure our classes are taught with inclusive language and movement options to suit all humans. You are welcome here.

This is a space to connect with yourself. We see Pilates as a tool for self discovery and empowerment and endeavour to facilitate a joyful experience full of surprise, curiosity and challenge.

We foster a community of independent movers and thinkers and invite you to work at your own pace. Feel welcome to pause to breathe, to rest, to drink, to think, to watch, to laugh.

Your body is resilient, adaptable and made to move.  We invite you to dive into discomfort with inquiry – you will for sure surprise yourself with what you can do, it’s always more than what you think.

We look forward to facilitating vibrant and fearless moves.

The Studio


We’re committed to education and always learning to deliver the best movement experience possible.

We teach Pilates with respect to the original Contrology spirit, with an evidence based lens. We’re comfortable with change and will adapt what we offer and how we offer it as we continue to learn.

Our classes are designed to cultivate strength, mobility, and endurance while honouring the human in front of us.

Our goal is to support a community that inspires connection with ourselves and one another; one that promotes kindness, laughter and togetherness.

How to Join

Our group Reformer classes are open level with the exception of OG Reformer — anyone can join any class. Our group sessions assume participants are able to navigate getting from the Reformer to the floor and transition to various positions at a reasonable pace. That being said we can adapt our sessions to accomodate for many individual needs within the group setting. Send us an email if you’re left with any questions, we’d love to help.

We can fully accomodate individual needs in a 1-1 setting, there’s no prerequisites and our sessions are able to be adapted to suit all levels of mobility.

New here?

We’ve created the following entry points for new members.

First Time Teaser

If you’re here for group classes. Work your way through as many class styles + teachers as you can for the best experience possible.

*5 classes valid for 3 weeks from first visit.

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First Moves


We are restructuring this for our new Lyall Bay studio!

Our Locations

73 Miramar Ave, Wellington NZ 6022
Lyall Bay
U9 70, Kingsford Smith St, Wellington