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All of our classes are open level, we pride ourselves in being able to deliver a personal experience within a group setting. Each class is unique to ensure you stay engaged, challenged and curious.

What we offer

In Miramar you’ll find our Group Reformer classes. Different class styles allow for creative interpretation of the Pilates method and open level classes mean you’ll feel welcome in any class. Each teacher will give you their take on our signature class styles, no class is ever the same.

Your teacher will guide the class through a sequence of exercises with layered progressions so newbies and seasoned movers will be challenged and supported appropriately. We welcome you to work to your own pace alongside others.

Our classes are small and personal to suit the human in front of us. Classes are limited to 10 members. All classes are 50 minutes unless specified. Grab our intro teaser and make your way through as many as you can to get a feel for what we’re about.

Full body workout
Energy: Moderate
If you’re new to Hoi, this is a great place to start. Full body, feel-good movement at your own pace. Our go to class is a bit of everything. Expect strengthening exercises, twisting, bending, stretch...
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Good Feels
Mobility / Stretch
Energy: Relaxed
Just what you didn’t know you needed. Tune in, slow down and chill out. A full-body, mobility-focused class designed to improve flexibility, tolerance and resiliency. A combination of different ...
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Heat / Invigorate
Energy: Moderate
Just the right amount of heat. A low impact, upbeat class using the jump board and small props to get your blood pumping and leave you feeling strong and invigorated. Expect full body strengthening, c...
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Original Moves
Technique / Learning
Energy: Moderate
A light-hearted class to understand more about the OG Contrology repertoire and its evolution. We pull apart clusters from the original sequencing, explore variations and advanced exercises breaking t...
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Endurance / Conditioning
Energy: High
Zero chill. A high-intensity athletic class using the Reformer, small props, kettlebells + hand weights. Especially designed for those who want to work hard, be challenged and get sweaty. Expect simpl...
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OG Reformer
Repetition / Skill progression
Energy: Moderate
Get connected with the OG Contrology repertoire as Mr. Pilates designed it. We take you through the original Reformer sequencing in an extended 75m class. Minimal reps, and emphasis transitions to max...
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How to Join

Our group Reformer classes are open level with the exception of OG Reformer — anyone can join any class. Our group sessions assume participants are able to navigate getting from the Reformer to the floor and transition to various positions at a reasonable pace. That being said we can adapt our sessions to accomodate for many individual needs within the group setting. Send us an email if you’re left with any questions, we’d love to help.

We can fully accomodate individual needs in a 1-1 setting, there’s no prerequisites and our sessions are able to be adapted to suit all levels of mobility.

Miramar The Studio


73 Miramar Ave, Wellington