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Lyall Bay

Lyall Bay is our home for personalised training.
Currently we are only offering 1-1 sessions, expect group classes in 2024.

What we offer - Private Session

First we need to know where you want to go and what’s important to you. From there we co-create the movement session of your dreams (we hope).

Couple of ideas to get you started. You don’t need to have any specific goals to partake in private training. If you like the sound or get a good feeling about it, grab our intro pack ‘First Moves’ and we’ll start to get to know each other, introduce you to the Pilates principals and Apparatus + our Hoi vibes and it will all unfold from there.

If you’re working through an injury or dealing with persistent pain a private session is a great way to give you a movement experience specific to what you need when you walk in the door + create a pathway to get you where you’d like to be.

We also love working with athletes – private training is where we can give you super cool Pilates + mobility moves with a sports specific focus that will help keep your body feeling supple, strong and ready for any kind of wild and wonderful things you throw at it.

How to join

Our group Reformer classes are open level with the exception of OG Reformer — anyone can join any class. Our group sessions assume participants are able to navigate getting from the Reformer to the floor and transition to various positions at a reasonable pace. That being said we can adapt our sessions to accomodate for many individual needs within the group setting. Send us an email if you’re left with any questions, we’d love to help.

We can fully accomodate individual needs in a 1-1 setting, there’s no prerequisites and our sessions are able to be adapted to suit all levels of mobility.

New here?

We’ve created some entry points for new members.

Be sure to run your eyes over our Community Guidelines before class. We have a few new protocols in place due to Covid and they are updated regularly so it’s worth checking often.

Learn more about our community guidelines
First Moves

We’re restructuring for our new Lyall Bay studio!

Good Feels

Just what you didn’t know you needed. Tune in, slow down and chill out. A full-body, mobility-focused class designed to improve flexibility, tolerance and resiliency.

A combination of different techniques and props to get you moving in every way possible, leaving you feeling strong, supple and relaxed.

Suitable for all levels of experience. You should definitely add this one to your weekly movement line-up.

Lyall Bay The Studio

Lyall Bay

U9 70, Kingsford Smith St, Wellington

Tel: 022380 0539

Ideal for members seeking group Reformer classes